Wildlife Stalker – Days in Life of Filmmaker Bob Landis

Recording incredible wildlife behavior on movie film and high-definition video is the hallmark of Bob Landis’ films. For more than 40 years, Landis has made wildlife movies about swans, coyotes, elk, bison, bear, otters and more, and he loves to show the unusual: an eagle drowning a duck, or a coyote chasing a wolf, for example. This biography contains two narratives wound into one: a depiction of days afield with a wildlife cinematographer who has filmed and co-produced stories about Yellowstone’s iconic species, and a collection of flashbacks to Landis’ past.


Author: Kevin G. Rhoades
Media: e-book
Genre: Biography/Natural History/Regional
Print book equivalent: 206 pages
Illustrations: 33, by Ed Sutton

Format :