Sweeter than Candy – A Hunter’s Journal

This new book is an unabashedly sentimental look back at many seasons of hunting pheasants, grouse and waterfowl, along with the occasional elk or white-tailed deer. Above all, it’s an intimate examination of a hunter’s partnership with his Labrador retrievers and other dogs that have been hunting buddies and best friends in their many outings with shotgun and flyrod. About Sweeter than Candy, book author Jerry Kustich writes: “Over prairies and through woodlands Paul Vang shares memories of grouse, pheasants and a loving devotion to a succession of canine companions from years when dreams were bigger than life, and life was measured by endless hunting trips.


Author: By Paul F. Vang
Media: e-book
Genre: Sporting Dogs/Bird Hunting Essays
Print book equivalent:  236 pages

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