Michael Levy’s new novel, Hunting With Teddy, ‘great fun to read’

By Admin • October 1st, 2011

MISSOULA, Mont. – An obsession to know Theodore Roosevelt drove the late Michael Levy to read great histories, newsprints, memoirs and letters about TR to help him better understand America’s 26th president.

As a result of Levy’s study, Hunting With Teddy originates with TR ranching and hunting buffalo on the Western Plains. This tough, funny and witty narrative parallels Teddy’s Rough Rider days and documents his quest for power and rise to the presidency after President McKinley was assassinated.

Outdoor Writers Association of America Past President Tom Huggler says Levy’s book is “an accurate, true-to-life narrative that is as close to the real TR as any modern reader can expect.”

In the book, Teddy was just a man, and Levy finds a friend and confidant in his main character, Scottie, a young man, recently arrived from Scotland seeking to make his own way in America as a cowboy in the Dakotas. Scotty and TR begin their friendship hunting and ranching the Badlands. Scottie is soon enamored by The Chief’s eccentric enthusiasm and his grand ideas of ranching, hunting and how to shape the nation, and how a poor man from Scotland, could make a difference.

In a recent Buffalo News review of Hunting With Teddy, Gerry Rising called Levy’s novel “a must read,” for Teddy Roosevelt connoisseurs:  “In Edmund Morris’ 1979 Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award winner, The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, I plowed partway through that book. … less than halfway through, I finally quit because I felt that an interesting story was being drowned in insufferable detail.

“In refreshing contrast, I find Mike Levy’s Hunting With Teddy straightforward and great fun to read. He has framed Roosevelt’s life in a simple story and he gives us a true sense of that story by means of a series of incidents in the life of a fictitious assistant.”

Michael Levy was an award-winning reporter, columnist and editor for The Buffalo News, writing hundreds of outdoor columns.  Levy’s Outdoors column gave him an outlet for his love of hunting and fishing and allowed him to chronicle the lives of the people who took him to their favorite fishing holes or deer stands.

As a fellow conservationist, Levy brought the legend of our 26th president to life in his book, Hunting With Teddy. This was Michael Levy’s last book. In the months before he died, Levy wrote this novel about Teddy Roosevelt, a man he had studied with typical Levy zeal.

Hunting With Teddy is available for $14.95 and may be ordered through the publisher’s website.


PRESS RELEASENEW BOOK: Hunting With TeddyAuthor: Michael Levy
October 1, 2011CONTACT:
Publisher: Five Valleys Press
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